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European Hour in The Centre for European Schooling is a non-disciplinary curricular area offering an open-ended and broad range of activities whose content is multidisciplinary. European Hours class provides an opportunity to:

  • Mix and group together pupils of different nationalities.
  • Allow pupils to interact and work together and to communicate while engaged in common activities.
  • Engage pupils in topics concerning their own and/ or other countries.
  • The working language of the European Hours classes is English.
  • Elements of the curricula of European Schools are used for the European Hour programme.


Aims of European Hours class

  • To develop greater awareness of and sensitivity to Europe’s heritage and the European dimension.
  • To develop a European identity/European spirit based on pupils’ own cultural identity.
  • To offer to pupils an opportunity to get to know, respect and help one another.
  • To contribute to the social and personal development of pupils.
  • To enable the CES pupils to present to their peer groups a project/performance from their own or another country.
  • To promote respect, tolerance and acceptance of others among the mainstream school population.
  • To enhance the status of The Centre for European Schooling as a unit extending beyond the confines of language teaching.
  • To promote harmonisation across language groups.


Organisation of European Hour

During the European Hours class pupils learn to work together and acquire new skills. Pupils work together and communicate across the barrier created by language. They learn about Europe and their work results in a product which is then presented to others.

Timetables are arranged so that teachers work with groups for a period of six or seven weeks on a wide variety of topics such as music, festivals, traditions, food, folklore, sport, history, geography, etc.

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Contact Details

School:   Centre For European Schooling Ireland
Address: Dunshaughlin, Co. Meath.
Director: Ms Nollaig Gavin
Director's Email: [email protected]
Phone: +353 1 8259679
Fax: +353 1 8259137

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