CES student learner diary

On Monday 17 September, 2012, the Centre for European Schooling introduced the CES Student Learner Diary – a document that was made cover to cover uniquely for the students of the CES. It is a very innovative idea which both CES staff and students are very proud of.

The Diary is divided into different sections which include the School Rules and our Policies on Homework and Anti-Bullying. There are then a series of Exam Reflections pages. In the Day-to-Day section, the students write down the ‘Topic’ of each class they attend and at the end of that class homework is noted as well. When homework is complete, students are required to tick a series of boxes in order to see how well they understood the topic. If there is something unclear they are requested to ask their teacher.

The aims of the CES Student Learner Diary are to encourage students to:

In addition, the CES Student Learner Diary:

Furthermore, for the parent, in addition to the above benefits, the CES Student Learner Diary: