interactive whiteboard technology

Multi-sensory classrooms at the CES

Technology has come such a long way over the last number of years that learning has changed completely. The facilities available to teachers and students have become much more technologically advanced.

Here at the CES we have always believed in and maintained the highest standards in teaching and best practice. One way in which we are achieving this at the CES is by enhancing the teaching through the use of the latest interactive whiteboards. You can now find an interactive whiteboard in every classroom at the CES primary school with plans to do the same at the CES secondary school.

What are the benefits of using interactive whiteboards?

An interactive whiteboard is the perfect way to transform a classroom into an interactive learning environment. It works with and enhances the existing established teaching practices. As technology is an integral part of modern day education, interactive whiteboards offer a massive step forward in educating the next generation of students.

Research has repeatedly demonstrated that students learn better when they are fully engaged and that multisensory, hands-on learning is the best way to engage them. Interactive whiteboards facilitate multisensory learning, whether it is a collaboration exercise for math problem solving or a Google Earth tour of the Amazon rainforest.

Research studies have found that: